Sabir Isamaily

Shuyang Han, PhD

Shuyang first began at IORE in November 2014 following his educational career in China. From 2004 to 2008, he earned his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Automation at China University and later went on to get his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at China University of Mining and Technology in 2014. With his research focuses including musculoskeletal biomechanics of the hip, his current projects involve studying hip instability and tibial micromotion.

Rikin Patel, M.S.

Upon receiving a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from UT Austin and a Masters of Science in Biomedical engineering from Boston University, Rikin began working at IORE approximately 10 years ago. His specific research focuses involve developing patient-specific models of the hip joint as well as in vitro evaluation of total joint prosthesis and instrumentation. He is currently working on studying visualization of the cementless fixation interface and modeling range of motion in the FAI hip.

Hugh Jones

Hugh earned a B.S. in biological engineering with an emphasis in biomechanics from Mississippi State University. In addition to working at a leading orthopedic device company, he conducted tissue engineering research in the Cardiovascular Biomechanics Lab and the Orthopedic Biomechanics Lab at MSU and have been working at the Institute of Orthopedic Research & Education as a senior engineer for the past 10 years. In this position his focus has been in the evaluation and design of total joint replacement systems and surgical reparative techniques. His current project characterizes the bone/implant interface.

Denise Leon

Denise has been working at IORE as our office manager for the last 13 years. Her administrative tasks involve overseeing accounting of the firm, organizing travel itineraries, serving as liaison between IORE and human resources, among other responsibilities.

Jonathan Gold

After receiving a B.S. in bioenvironmental sciences with a focus in mechanical engineering, John began working at IORE more than 10 years ago. During his time here, his particular research focuses have involved model development, robotic simulation, CAD/CAM, system design and control. He is currently conducting several projects involved in studying revision TKA, revision THA, trunnion tribo-corrosion, gait simulation, and prosthetic socket loading and simulation. He is currently studying to get a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Master in Business Administration.

Joshua Choi

Josh began working at IORE 2 years ago after receiving a B.S. in Bioengineering from Rice University. Since starting, his research focuses have involved computer-aided analysis of joint defects, design and construction of mechanical testing hardware, and biomechanical analysis of prosthetic limbs. He is currently studying tibial resection and coronal alignment in TKA as well as mechanical testing and characterization of 3-D printed prosthetic sockets.

Ryan Blackwell