Clinical Research Programs

Our Mission

The clinical research program at IORE has been a pioneer in creating patient-centered studies. We have collaborated with orthopedic surgeons, hospitals, and private institutions from across the country; we have successfully recruited over 2,000 patients and counting into several studies. Our focus continues to aim at improving the efficacy and quality of patient care. The most effective way to monitor outcomes of orthopedic procedures on a national, and even an international scale, is through multi-center patient registries. This is particularly relevant in evaluation of procedures that are dependent on surgical skill and patient selection, and which have the potential for catastrophic failure, as evidenced by recent experiences with metal-on-metal hip replacments.

Most recently, IORE has worked with members of the Knee Society in the development of a new scoring system for measuring the outcome of knee replacement and the degree of impairment present in individuals with gonarthrosis. This evaluation instrument has undergone multi-center validation under the direction of IORE’s director Philip Noble, and is now being distributed worldwide, with translation into at least 10 languages to date.